UX Strategy? Such a luxury


Today I am reading this article in Johnny Holland by Renato Feijo on “UX Strategy.” It seems like a luxury for large organizations– not that I think it should be, but that I am having a hard time imagining my own company thinking above step 2.

It’s a cultural problem, really. Some people understand and value design, because they have been exposed to it, not necessarily formally, but in some manner, whether through architecture, fashion, fine arts, or some other manner, usually early on in their lives. Perhaps they had parents who were interested in such things. Other people simply don’t pay attention until it’s pointed out to them. And the split is not the annoying left-brain vs. right brain meme, which is largely a myth in terms of having any explanatory power over someone’s personality.

And when you run that into headlong denial that there’s a problem with your own products, because, well you had a hand in making them so of course they are excellent, then it’s a long, uphill climb for anyone to convince you otherwise.

The first step, gentlemen (you know who you are), is to admit you have a problem.