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I am a tech industry veteran. I’ve been an early-stage employee of two startups, and a consultant to several more. I’ve worked as a multimedia & front-end developer, a UI designer, a product manager, trainer, product evangelist, blogger, and technical writer.

I have spent the past eight years growing a small startup into a provider of learning management systems, live webinars, and learning content delivery platforms to over half of the top 100 accounting firms in the US. After being successfully acquired by Thomson-Reuters, a world leader in business intelligence products, I have moved on to look for new adventures.

I have a passion for hard problems, and I look for solutions in unlikely places. My background as an artist, as a writer, as a garden designer and luthier, have all informed my work. Clarity is my watch-word. I practice art, science, and craft, all at once. I wear a lot of hats.