20% Cooler: Redesigning a custom media player

  • Better customer retention in our most profitable product
  • A viable roadmap to a tablet- and mobile-centric future.
  • As a small startup, we need to compete with huge companies like Webex and Citrix while having only a tiny fraction of their development budgets
  • We are also committed to the idea that neither webinar presenters nor attendees should need to download or install any app or plug-in built by us
Solution: For the near-term, I re-designed of both the presenter and participant interfaces to emphasise content, provide real-time participation and attendance metrics, and cluster controls in a more efficient manner.
For the medium-term, I re-designed the interface to be standards-compliant, tablet-friendly, and mobile-compatible. I worked with the developers to translate some of the more complex interactions from flash to javascript.
For the long term, I outlined a technology roadmap to move the organization away from Flash Media Server to a Java-based alternative, and lay the foundation for a mobile-first strategy for the day when customer demand will catch up with my vision.