Efficiency Rules: Speeding workflow for power users

  • 50% increase in customer retention through workflow efficiency.
  • 22% increase in sales to large customers through demonstrated commitment to efficient end-user segmentation.
  • Customers face large amounts of tedious work segregating their user base into groups, a deterrent for some large potential customers
  • Segregating by specialty and cohort is essential to the business model of many of our customers, yet many customers lacked understanding of system permissions and the way the platform works.
I created a rules-based tool for defining user groups based on the custom user profile fields that most of our customers already used. Since the user interface follows a common pattern from a popular product (“smart playlist” feature in iTunes) it is easy for customers to understand and implement. And since user research showed that end-user segmentation nearly always hinges on custom user profile fields, the solution could be implemented for existing customers with minimal changes to the information architecture.