One Feature Set to Rule Them All: A Product Merger Strategy

  • Produce a comprehensive plan for merging two overlapping products without losing key customers.
  • Revenue is maintained while maintenance and development costs drop.
  • Our customers engage our products for a wide variety of business models. Which features of which products are essential to retain during the merger?
  • In a cyclical business with small numbers of high-value customers, a feature’s prior usage data can be a poor predictor of its future utility. How do we tell which features are unprofitable outliers?

The business owners of each product suite were unfamiliar with the intricacies of the other. We needed to get everything on the table in the same language. My solution is to map all the individual business models to show the relationships between content, content owners, content consumers, and the administrators who service those consumers. From this I produced a kind of “taxonomy of business models.” Add to this a list of common features utilised by each model, and we have the means to correlate features with customers. From this, I can draw a picture of which features are indispensable and which can be postponed or discontinued.