Content management system


I led the Avalara design team through the adoption and implementation of a new web publishing platform, Adobe Experience Manager. All components and modules of this CMS must be custom-built. I conceptualised and architected the component set with an eye toward reusability, scalability, and efficiency.

I designed the initial set of components based on a survey of content structures and design patterns likely to be implemented across our properties. I passed the sketches off to other members of the team to develop into detailed wireframes and finished comps.

The biggest challenge is balancing near-term speed (how soon can we get component X out the door) with long-term efficiency (how can we make sure development hours spent on component X will not be wasted in a redesign in six months?).

Having experience in product management and Agile software development allowed me to successfully develop multiple iterations of components in order to realise benefits of the new platform immediately while pacing development efforts to control costs.