Real-time learning tools


As a small startup, LearnLive Technologies (acquired in 2013 by Thomson-Reuters) needed to compete with huge companies like Webex and Citrix while having only a tiny fraction of their development budgets.

I designed an interface that would be standards-compliant, tablet-friendly, and mobile-compatible. I worked with the developers to translate some of the more complex interactions from flash to javascript.

I re-designed of both the presenter and participant interfaces to emphasise content, provide real-time participation and attendance metrics, and cluster controls in a more efficient manner.

I developed the concept of online “breakout groups” that mimic their real-world counterpart. The ability to break a large webinar of 100 people into groups of five or six in order to collaborate on assignments was the most asked-for feature amongst our customers, and something Webex, GoToMeeting, and On24 didn’t have.

The ability to verify members’ participation and track it for CPE credit made it a key waypoint in our product roadmap.

I designed a real-time collaborative whiteboard that allowed a webinar presenter to mark up shared slides with drawings and text. Making this whiteboard into a shared space (anyone in the breakout group can draw or write on it) gave it a new purpose, and provided a focal point for breakout groups to collaborate.