I conceptualize software solutions to business problems. I build conceptual models for that yield efficient workflows for transforming information. I create the metaphors, the analogies,and the vocabulary to allow us to go beyond just turning a business problem into a software solution. I supply the conceptual tools for turning a solution into a usable tool.

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I visualize software. You may know generally that you're going to put some information in here, and then some stuff happens and then some other information comes out here. But what does all that look like?It's not about radiused edges and drop shadows. It's about making structure, organization, and intent tangible and visible.

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I realize applications into products. I shape the experience of the user around the application as well as within it. How do you first encounter it? How does your knowledge of the product unfold over time as you become aware of it, acquainted with it, then experienced with it? I explain products-- not just by writing some documentation, but understanding that the integrity of the process of using the product is as important as the integrity of the product.

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